Thank you for your interest in Eau Claire Anesthesiologists.

ECA is committed to the team approach to anesthesia. The schedule typically has one physician starting two operating room cases with two CRNAs. Staffing usually continues in a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 model but will occasionally be a 1 to 4 model on very busy days. CRNAs are normally involved with all types of cases, however most cardiac cases are staffed with a physician only. On average we run approximately 25 operating rooms among the different facilities which are all located within the city Eau Claire and Altoona. One CRNA is on call at each of the two (2) major hospitals and physicians come in for all OR cases.

Our team currently consists of 22 physicians, 35 CRNAs and 5 IVRNs. These numbers give us tremendous flexibility and enable us to move staff between cases and facilities when needed. It also gives us the freedom to allocate our resources such as 1 on 1 staffing during emergencies or technically difficult cases.

We perform approximately 22,000 cases per year.

We feel this approach gives our patients the best anesthesia care possible. We hope you agree and will consider becoming a part of our team.


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