Billing Policy

What About My Bills?

The anesthesiologists and anesthetists providing your care are private practitioners just like your surgeon or internist; therefore you will receive two separate bills for their services.

As physicians independent of the hospital/clinic, their “participation” status with HMO’s, PPO’s and other third party payer organizations may be different from the hospital and your surgeon. Please consider this carefully prior to your surgery or delivery.

Their professional fee includes a preoperative evaluation, administration of your anesthetic and supervision of your recovery room stay. There are many factors that influence the amount of your anesthesia bill, (type and length of surgery, and your physical condition), because of this, only a general estimate can be determined prior to surgery. The “anesthesia” charge on your hospital bill is for hospital furnished supplies and equipment. If you or your surgeon request postoperative pain management using epidural analgesia or nerve blocks, you will be charged for these services as a separate line item on your bill. For the vast majority of patients, we are able to file claims directly to your insurance company. However, it is necessary for you to provide complete insurance information to the hospital/clinic when you are admitted. Otherwise you may need to file your own claim. You should know that because of deductibles and co-payment amounts, your insurer may not pay the entire anesthesia professional fee. Although our fees are consistent with other anesthesiologist in the area, some insurance companies may deny your claim or even state our fees “exceed the the insurance company self imposed limits”. They may have chosen not to keep up with other insurance companies payment policies, or they might simply choose to deny your claim because their rates are lower.

Eau Claire Anesthesiologists employees a specialized billing Service, Anesthesia Business Consultants, who bill exclusively for anesthesia providers and are extremely knowledgeable. They will bill insurance carriers directly and submit a final statement once insurance payments have been collected.  Any remaining charges after insurance has paid becomes patient responsibility and are due in full.  Patient billing questions should be directed to their office at 800-222-1442.

If you have any questions about your anesthesia fee, please contact our billing office, and always make a note of the person’s name with whom you speak.These agreements are subject to change. Please contact your insurer before you accept services to verify your coverage.

For Our Medicare Patients

Your anesthesiologist accepts assignment on all patients. After we file your claim for you, Medicare will reimburse us 80% of the amount they consider reasonable for the anesthesia service provided. The remaining 20% is your responsibility. We will bill you/or file your co-insurance for this remaining balance.

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